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The Agency

  • Presentation

    The Official State Gazette Agency is a public body, which comes under the Ministry of the Presidency, Relations with the Courts and Equality, with public legal personality differentiated and with full capacity to operate to fulfil its aims, with its own assets and treasury and full management and functional autonomy within the limits established by the Law on State Agencies and its own Statute.

    The Agency develops its activity around three strategic objectives:

    • Objective 1: To fulfil, effectively and in the manner legally provided for, the public service publication of regulations and those other provisions or laws that the legal order considers must be published in the Official State Gazette and the Official Gazette of the Commercial Registry.
    • Objective 2: To ensure maximum dissemination of legislation and other contents of the official gazette, facilitating access to same for citizens in general and professionals, companies and other Agency clients.
    • Objective 3: To act as the printworks and distributor of record for the General State Administration and its public law bodies for all kinds of official publications and to perform the various tasks that constitute the goals of the Agency and provide said services to other public administrations under the terms agreed.

    The functions of the Agency are:

    • The exclusive publication and dissemination of the “BOE” and the “BORME”.
    • The management and administration of the website which will host the Official State Gazette.
    • The exclusive publication, printing and dissemination of the Official Gazette of the Commercial Register.
    • The publication in any format of indexes, collections, legal texts and offprints from special interest provisions, as well as the ongoing updating and consolidation of published material.
    • The creation and dissemination of legislative, jurisprudential or ruling documents through the Official State Gazette or other legislative publications.
    • The dissemination through open telecommunications networks, of products prepared based on the contents of the Official State Gazette and any other electronic content produced or managed by the agency itself or in collaboration with other ministries, bodies or organisations.
    • The publication of scientific or technical studies, on the Agency's initiative or to comply with agreements with other bodies of the General State Administration and other public or private organisations.
    • The execution of printing works of an official nature requested by ministries, public bodies and other public organisations.
    • The distribution and marketing of own works and works published by other Administrations or official bodies under the terms established in the agreements subscribed to such effect.
    • The management and dissemination, in any format, of tenders and awards of public sector contracts.

    The Agency also has the status of instrumental in-house provider of the General State Administration and its bodies and public law entities for materials related to their functions.

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  • History

    Figure containing a summarised chronology of the names of the BOE since 1661[D]

    The emergence of printing and its widespread use was key in the boom in information and cultural development.

    Compared to manuscripts, which were perishable and open to manipulation, printing allowed for assembly of texts and their serial production, circumstances which were key in the spread of information.

    In the last third of the XVII century, there was a huge increase in journalistic literature and, specifically, the birth of many Bulletins or Gazettes, mostly in Europe. These publications came about by private initiative and had a strictly informative function.

    Here in Spain, this phenomena manifested itself in 1661with the creation of Gazeta, the first general interest periodical. In 1697 it appears under the title Gaceta de Madrid. During the reign of Charles III , in 1762, the Crown assumes the privilege of printing the Gazeta. The publication becomes an official information media that reflects the criteria and decisions of the Government. In 1787 the Imprenta Real (Royal Printworks) is created.

    During the period 1808-1814 several gacetas in different areas are produced.

    Subsequently, in 1836, the Decrees, Orders and Instructions dictated by the Government are considered obligatory from the moment they are published in the Gazeta. It was in this way that it became a body for legislative and regulatory expression, which remains the case to this day.

    The structure of the Gazeta is established in 1886 for the purpose of publishing only documents of general interest (Laws, Decrees, Court Sentences, contracts with the Public Administration, official announcements, etc.). The order of preference in the publication of provisions according to urgency criteria and the priority of insertion of documents is also regulated: First come Laws, Royal Decrees, Royal Orders, etc. Within each section, the order of insertion must also follow the order of seniority of the Ministries, with the Presidency of the Council of Ministers first. This structure is profiled by a Royal Order of 6 June 1909.

    During the Civil War, the Burgos Government used the designation Boletín Oficial del Estado (Official State Gazette) to distinguish it from the Gaceta de la República (Gazette of the Republic). The designation Official State Gazette was maintained from October of 1936 to 1961. From this date until 1986, it was named the Boletín Oficial del Estado - Gaceta de Madrid (Official State Gazette - Gazette of Madrid) and from 1986 was renamed Boletín Oficial del Estado (Official State Gazette).

    Subsequent regulations in 1948, 1957, 1960 and 1986 have developed the function of the Official State Gazette.

    Royal Decree 1495/2007, of 12 November, creates the Official State Gazette Agency and approves its statute, and Royal Decree 181/2008, of 8 February, on the Ordering of the Official State Gazette, regulates its electronic publication.

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  • Where are we?

    Manoteras Office

    Map of location of the Manoteras office

    The Manoteras office is home to the Imprenta Nacional (National Printworks) and most of the management services of the Agency:

    • Avda. de Manoteras, 54. 28050 MADRID
    • Buses: Lines 174 / 150
    • Metro Ligero: Virgen del Cortijo (ML1)
    • Cercanías: Fuente de las Mora, lines C1 / C7 / C10

    Opening hours:

    • General registry: Monday to Friday, 9:00 - 14:00
    • Announcement: Monday to Friday, 9:00 - 14:00

    Trafalgar Office

    Map of location of the Trafalgar office

    The Trafalgar office is home to the Bookshop:

    • C./ Trafalgar, 27. 28010 MADRID
    • Buses 3 / 16 / 61 / 147 / 149
    • Metro: Bilbao / Iglesia / Quevedo

    Opening hours:

    • Bookshop: Monday to Friday, 9:00 - 20:00; Saturdays, 9:00 - 14:00

      August: Monday to Friday from 9:00 to 14:00; the bookshop is closed Saturdays and midweek from 10:00 to 15:00.

    060 General State Administration

    This service facilitates any general information related to the Agency and services it provides.

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  • Regulation

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  • Management Contract and other public documents of the Agency

    In accordance with the provisions of Law 28/2006, of 18 July, on State Agencies for the improvement of public services, and on the Statute of the Official State Gazette Agency, approved by Royal Decree 1495/2007, of 12 November, the Agency publishes the following documents:

    Official State Gazette Agency Management Contract

    Annual Action Plans

    General Activity Reports

    Financial Statements

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  • Charter of Services

    Via Resolution of 22 December 2016, of the Subsecretariat of the Ministry of the Presidency and Territorial Administrations, (BOE of 23 December 2016), the Charter of Services of the Official State Gazette Agency 2017-2020 was approved.

    This Charter of Services is a document through which the Official State Gazette Agency informs citizens of the services it provides and publicly declares its commitment to quality in the provision of those services.

    The purpose of the Charters is to develop the principle of effective service for citizens which must be geared towards the Public Administrations, as set out in Article 3 of Law 40/2015 of 1 October on the Legal Regime of the Public Sector.

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  • Quality, Certificates and Awards Policy

    Quality Policy

    The Official State Gazette Agency is the Body responsible for developing the public policy on State regulatory publication. To efficiently fulfil and in the manner legally provided for, the public service publication of regulations and those other provisions or laws that the legal order considers must be published in the Official State Gazette and the Official Gazette of the Commercial Registry and to ensure maximum dissemination of legislation, offering unique, accessible, free and quality services that attend to the specific legal information needs of citizens, professionals, companies and others.

    The Agency has implemented a Quality Management System in accordance with the Standard UNE-EN-ISO 9001:2015, the scope of which extends to the following products/services:

    • Editing and publication of the Official State Gazette and the Official Gazette of the Commercial Registry
    • Editing of the Parliamentary gazettes and bulletins: Congress
    • Management of retrospective processing of official gazettes.
    • Drafting of publications

    For the purpose of maintaining this Quality Management Systems (QMS), the Management of the Body is committed, within the scope of the certification to:

    • Fulfil the requirements of the Standard UNE-EN-ISO 9001:2015 along with legal requirements and all other applicable requirements.
    • Assume leadership of the QMS, ensuring the resources necessary for its functioning.
    • Know the needs and expectations of the persons or organisations that may be affected by the activity of the Body and, especially, those of the citizens.
    • Ensure the continuous improvement of a fundamental principal of the Organisation and the Quality Management System, which allows for the innovation and provision of quality services.
    • Base the QMS on the management of processes and the prevention of errors, considering them the basic pillars of ensuring the compliance of products/services and ensuring the satisfaction of customers.
    • Fostering the participation and involvement of workers in the functioning of the QMS, ensuring maximum workplace health and safety and working continuously to train and raise awareness to ensure the quality of services and tackle the challenges of the new needs of citizens as they emerge.
    • Promote the Quality Policy extensively, ensuring that is understood and assumed by the Organisation as well as external suppliers and that customers, users and all relevant interested parties are familiar with it.
    • Maintain the FSC (Forest Stewardship Council) certificate which ensures that the publications prepared and certified by the Imprenta Nacional are printed on paper from forests and plantations that are responsibly managed, socially profitable and economically viable.

    To deliver on these commitments, the Management of the AEBOE will establish and document realistic and quantifiable objectives on an annual basis. The Quality Policy will be reviewed annually by the Quality Committee to ensure that the content is in force, is in line with the values of the organisation and coherent with the functional strategy of the AEBOE, as well as citizens’ expectations.

    Quality Certificates


    • Premio TIC Administración General del Estado 2015.

      The Official State Gazette Agency was awarded the “Premio TIC Administración General del Estado 2015" granted by Fundación SOCINFO. The award recognises the role of the Agency in its commitment to the Information Society

    • Second prize Premio Ciudadanía 2014.

      The “Integrated Legislative Dissemination System” received second prize in the Premio Ciudadanía 2014. This honour recognises innovative practices in the provision of products or services and systems relating to citizens or users of public services. (Order HAP/1258/2015, of 18 June)

      Diploma second prize Premio Ciudadanía 2014

    • Premio ASTIC 2013.

      The Professional Association of Higher Bodies of Information Systems and Technologies of the Public Administrations grants the Premio ASTIC 2013 to the Official State Gazette Agency for its strategic commitment to Information and Communication Technologies.

    • 1st prize, Premio TAW 2009 for the most accessible website.

      The Premios TAW for web accessibility are an initiative of the Fundación CTIC (Centre of Information and Communication Technology) to prevent access barriers to information through the Internet and electronic media. The initials TAW stand for Test de Accesibilidad Web (Web Accessibility Test), a tool developed by the Fundación CTIC to analyse websites.

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  • Employment at the BOE

    Selection process to cover the positions for fulltime personnel at the AEBOE.

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  • Training grants at the AEBOE

    Training Grants 2017 at the Official State Gazette Agency

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